Captain Keith Bono

  The waters around Cocoa Beach & Port Canaveral are an excellent fishery offering some of the best fishing in the state. Cocoa Beach & Port Canaveral offer various species of big game and sport fish. When the seas permit there is always something big lurking around our coastal waters.

Triple Tail is a species I like to target. Triple Tail can be found almost all year long. They are a worthy adversary and provide an excellent meal. 

Spring time is Cobia time. Cobia migrate north in late spring early summer and then they migrate south in the fall. We have a short window to target Cobia on our beaches and near shore waters. Cobia provide a hard battle and an excellent meal.  

Snook are another excellent game species to target in the spring & early fall. Port Canaveral is home to many large Snook. Snook are usually found lurking around the jetties and docks and can be harvested between Feb 1 and May 31 and 

Sept 1 through Nov 31. Snook offer a great battle and provide an excellent meal.      

Tarpon are an excellent sport fish to target. Tarpon on Cocoa Beach average between 50 to 120 lbs with some fish in the 150+ lb range. Battles with big Tarpon lasting over an hour are not uncommon. Better have a big breakfast if you want to book this trip. 


The Boat

Knot Reel Salty Charters

2005 Hewes Redfisher 18'


The 18' Redfisher provides a safe & comfortable ride. Whether it's off Cocoa beach or fishing the flats. This vessel provides all the equipment needed to chase and land trophy fish.

 Captain Keith Bono

 Captain Keith has been fishing the waters around the east coast of Florida for over

25 years. Growing up in central Florida Captain Keith has acquired years of local knowledge of the waters off Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Indian river and the world famous Mosquito Lagoon.